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Classical Conversations – Week 5 – Essentials Lesson Plan

  • October 7, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations – Week 5 – Essentials Lesson Plan

Week 5 EEL & IEW


Structure: Simple

Purpose: Interrogative

Pattern: S-Vi

Part of Speech: Review

Charts: Review A-F

ATS: 1-4




  • Chart A
  • Diagraming game


How do you diagram the interjection “Wow”    e.g. “Wow, mom is amazing.”

  • What goes on the left side of the vertical line? (Subject)
  • What goes on the right side of the vertical line? (verb)
  • Interjections go on a platform above the Subject (grammatically disconnnected)
  • What do we do with capital letters? (leave them capitalized)
  • What about punctuation? (don’t diagram punctuation)


Changing Declarative to Exclamatory

“Ruby jumped.”

  • How do we make it exclamatory? (!)
  • How do we make it imperative? (“Jump.” = implied subject)
  • What about “Wow! Ruby jumped!”  (interjection “Wow”)




No new charts or part of speech

  • Use this week to review & memorize charts & parts of speech


  • Last sentence purposeto learn – Chart A


Interrogative Purpose:


This is the last of the 4 purposes!! Chart A


Interrogative = interrogate = detective

  • ends w/ a question mark (?)


Examples: (S-Vi, Simple, Interrogative)


“Did Jesus weep?”

“Who wept?”



3 ways to make a sentence interrogative

  1. Change the end mark (?)

                        e.g.      “John ate.” (declarative)

                                    “John ate?” (interrogative)

  1. Replace the subject w/ an interrogative pronoun (Chart F)
    • who, whom, whose, which, what

e.g.       “John ate.” (declarative)

            “Who ate.” (interrogative)

other examples for class

            “Mom laughed.”

            “Chloe sat.”

            “The shoe stinks.”

  1. Start sentence w/ a helping verb. (Chart C)

e.g.       “John ate.”   change to   “Did John eat?”  or “Will John eat?”




Diagram & perform ATS (Analytical Task Sheet) tasks 1-4

“Who wept?”

“Did she run?”




Number Knockout


Play card game “Jack Attack”

  • keep score on the board so teacher can play against students.




Review -ly adverbs (SRP 93)

“The train ________________________ stopped.”  (e.g. “quickly”)

Review who/which clause (SRP 97)  combine 2 thoughts

“The thunder, ____________________, shook the ship.” (e.g. “which loudly echoed”)

Review strong verbs (SRP 100-101)

“I wentto the store” (e.g “dashed”)




Because Clause (SRP 103)

  • Clause = (group of words w/subject + verb)
  • Begins w/ “because”
  • Not complete sentence

e.g. “Jude was covered in mud.” (complete sentence)

“Because Jude was covered in mud.” (not complete sentence = doesn’t make sense)


“Jude was covered in mud because he went into the creek.” (=sentence)

  • no comma, unless because clause starts the sentence. (try flipping the sentence and adding a comma)
  • point out the banned verb “went”


Conversation = decoration.

  • 1 per paper for checklist
  • Remember “said” is a banned verb


Lesson 7 “The exodus”

By MJ, October 7, 2018
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