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Classical Conversations – Week 9 – Essentials Lesson Plan

  • November 2, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations – Week 9 – Essentials Lesson Plan

Week 9

Structure: Compound

Purpose: Declarative

Pattern: S-Vl-PN

Part of Speech: Linking Verbs

Charts: K (review C, D)

EEL tasks: 1-4


Students take turns rolling dice.

Find the answer to what you rolled.

Roll 1 = subject 2 = verb 3 = adverb
4 = direct object 5 = preposition 6 = object of preposition

I unfortunately found chocolate (beneath the heater.)

The dog (in the window) excitedly wagged her tail.

Lucy suspiciously held the football (in the grass.)

Charlie desperately kicked the ball (into the air.)

Pete always hits the ball (over the fence.)

We baked cookies (in the kitchen) for hours.

Yesterday I read a book (beside the fireplace.)

Thomas quietly wrote the paper (until midnight.)

(you) Quickly close the door (of the car.)

(After dinner,) we excitedly made sundaes.

(Throughout winter,) children contently drink hot chocolate.

The bird sweetly sang a song (underneath my window.)

Dad carefully painted the wall (behind the sofa.)

Mom thoroughly swept the floor (under the table.)




Vl stands for Linking Verb (Chart C)

  • Linking verbs do NOT show action
  • Link subject of a sentence to another noun (PN)
  • Think of Linking Verbs as an “= “ sign
  • Important to memorize list of Linking Verbs

PN stands for Predicate Nominative

  • Another job/role of a noun (Chart D)
  • A noun or pronoun that follows a linking verb and renames the subject.


Mrs. Jeffers is a ______________ (tutor, woman, human, mom)

  • Have students use their name and fill in the blank with a PN



PN has slanted line before it reminding us that it is renaming the subject.

“Braelynn is the queen.” (S-Vl-PN)

  1. Who is the queen? Braelynn (subject)
  2. What is being said about Braelynn? Braelynn is (verb)
  3. Braelynn is who or what? Braelynn is queen
  4. Can queen rename or replace Braelynn? YES! = predicate nominative (PN) and verb is a verb linking (Vl).

Jude kicked the captain. (S-Vt-DO)

  1. Who kicked the captain? Jude (subject)
  2. What is being said about Jude? Jude kicked (verb)
  3. Jude kicked who or what? Captain
  4. Can captain rename or replace Jude? NO (which makes it our DO)

“Braelynn is the queen, but Sophie is the supreme ruler.”


Extend a sentence

  • Break into 2 teams
  • Each team takes 3 cards
  • You have 2 minutes to use as many cards as you can to extend your sentence.
  • Each card you use is worth 2 points.
  • Vocabulary words from this week are worth 2points. (amiable, antagonistic, distraught, awestruck)

e.g. The king yelled.    (simile, alliteration, w-w clause)

            The king, who was perturbed and desperate, exploded like a violent volcano.


  1. The dragon flew over the castle.
  2. The knight hid behind a rock.
  3. The princess danced all night.
  4. The young man bowed before the king.
  5. The peasant begged for mercy.

NEW: The #2 Prepositional Opener

  • About, above, across, after, around, at, before, behind, by, down, during, for, from, in, inside, into, near, of, off, on, outside, over, past, through, to, under, up, with, within, without


Instead of writing

“The Dragon flew over the castle.”

before the sentence we add a prepositional phrase


e.g.  “In the morning…

“Before the sunrise…

“During the medieval period…


A comma is optional.  Use the pause test.  Don’t need one if less than 5 word prepositional phrase.

“The peasant begged for mercy.”


e.g. “Down by the lake…


Today break into groups of 2 students and create your KWO & Topic by yourself.

We will write down your KWO in the last 10min of class time.


By MJ, November 2, 2018
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