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Classical Conversations – Week 4 – Lesson Plan

  • October 6, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations – Week 4 – Lesson Plan

Structure: Simple

Purpose: Imperative

Pattern: S-Vi

Part of Speech: Interjections

Chart: Review A-F

EEL: 1-4




Diagram S-Vi Declarative and Exclamatory




Interjection – a word or phrase used as a strong expression of feeling or emotion.


  • NOT grammatically connected to the rest of the sentence
  • Usually one word, but may be a word or a group of words
  • Exclamatory words whose responsibility is to declare emotion
  • Followed by a comma if not strong emotion
  • Can use a comma, exclamation point, or period


Examples (have students finish these interjections)


Help! I am tired.


Oh, my goodness!   ….

Hooray,   …

Ouch,  …


Diagram for students


Ben sat. (S-Vi)

Sit.  (implied You)


Have students work through on the ATS (tasks 1-4)






By MJ, October 6, 2018
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