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Classical Conversations – Week 2 – Lesson Plan

  • September 14, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations – Week 2 – Lesson Plan

Week 2

REVIEW – Week 1 Essentials Grammar

Scale UP or DOWN

EEL tips

  • Goal to memorize charts by 3rdyear! (ORAL or WRITTEN)
  • Fast for us to recite charts ORALLY
  • More independent to have student COPY chart

30 min/day on ONE chart & 1 Sentence will produce results!!  Trust the process and that we have 3 years to master the material.

 EEL (45 minutes) 1pm-1:45pm

REVIEW Chart A  (15minutes)

  • Quiz
  • Student vs parent
  • 3rdyear against 3rdyear

Week 2

Structure: Overview

Purpose: Overview

Pattern: Overview

Part of Speech: Verb Overview

Chart: C,D

EEL Task: None

Chart A: 8 parts of speech (categories for classifying words). Noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, conjunction, interjection, preposition, and adjective.

Definition of a VERB???????

  • Verb – word that asserts an action, shows a state of being, links two words together, or helps another verb.

Look at big picture today!!!

  • Fill in details later
  • Parts of speech (8) today looking at most important = VERBS

Sentence classification = backbone of EEL


Verbs = Heart of English grammar

            =Give LIFE to any sentence

            =Sentence doesn’t exist w/out a verb

CHART C – 4 types of verbs

  • Quiz students on answers
  • Point out the tests to use when determining verb type
  1. Intransitive
  2. Transitive
  3. Linking
  4. Helping

Fill in Chart C in class VERBALLY

Chart D – 5 Principle Parts (forms) of a Verb

            Fill in Chart D

Look at Chart K on your own to explore more verb anatomy

IEW 45minutes (1:45pm-2:30pm)

IEW tips

Day 2

  • Finish KWO
  • Brainstorm activities (new style techniques)
  • Review what we did in class
  • Review all vocabulary words

Day 2

  • Start First Draft
  • Brainstorm HOW to add STYLE
  • Study New Vocabulary

Day 3

  • Finish Rough draft
  • Add stylist techniques
  • Edit draft
  • Review New Vocabulary

Day 4

  • Final Draft
  • Edit Final Draft
  • Review Vocabulary

Review – Student’s read one sentence from their paper.  Favorite sentence and we will guess the dress-up used.

         -ly adverb practice

  1. The slug moved ___________________ along the sidewalk

  2. The train ____________________ stopped.

  3. She sang ________________.

  4. The music played so ______________ , I could barely hear.

  5. The dog ran ________________.

  6. The food was _____________ made.


Present New Source Text for Week 2


  • Read & Discuss the paragraph
  • Read 2x if necessary
  • Ask students question about the source text

Key Word Outline (KWO)

  • Create Outline
  • Circle 3 keywords (numbers, symbols, abreviations = Free)
  • Copy keywords to outline

Oral Report

  • Give an oral report- one student per sentence
  • Read keywords, look-up, speak the sentence.

Dress It Up

  • -ly Adverb
  • who/which
  • 5 senses
  • Clincher for Title

5 senses examples (SRP pg 111)

  • Words that see, hear, feel, taste & smell


  • Combine two thoughts
  • Who=person
  • Which=place, thing, or idea (animals)
























Title Rule

  • draws attention, be creative, use 2 or 3 keywords from the final sentence
By MJ, September 14, 2018
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