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Classical Conversations – Week 19 – Lesson Plan

  • February 26, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations – Week 19 – Lesson Plan

Week 19







How do we change sentence purpose to interrogative???


  1. Change the end mark
  2. Swap subject w/ an interrogative pronoun
  3. Beginning w/ a helping verb


What is an Object Complement?

  1. Object Complement Noun
  • Follows the DO and renames what the DO has become as a result of the action of the verb.
  • Question/Confirmation to find OCN
    • Direct Object Who? Or What?


  1. Object Complement Adjective
  • Follows the DO and describes what the DO has become as a result of the action verb.
  • Question/Confirmation to find the OCA
    • Direct Object What?


  1. Object Complements COMPLETE the sentence construction
  • OCN and/or OCA are necessary to complete the thought of the sentence or it will lose the original meaning of the author.




Reuben gave his mom the flu. (S-Vt-IO-DO)


-Who is the sentence about? Reuben (SN)

-What did Reuben do? Gave (V)

-Reuben gave what? Or who? Flu (DO)

-Reuben gave the flu to who? or what? mom (IO)


CHANGE to Interrogative


  1. Reuben gave his mom the flu?
  2. Who gave his mom the flu?
  3. Did Reuben give his mom the flu?


Part of Speech: Verb (V)


Review Chart D – Irregular verbs (“to be” and “to have”)


New Chart O – Regular verb (“to play”)

– Identify patterns for regular verb anatomies

– 1st years continue to memorize and understanding will build from there.


Practice Sentence: Walk through ATS 1-6, and Quid et Quo

  1. Dictate Sentence


Who appointed Creed teacher when we were out of class?


  1. Check mechanics


  • Is it Adjectival or Adverbial? = adverbial
  • Do we need a comma? (no because adverbial clause is trailing, NOT leading)


  1. Question/Confirmation and label sentence parts of speech


  1. Diagram

  1. Rewrite by Purpose – first change to simple

     6. Rewrite by structure

     7. Add modifiers

  • Adjectives, adverbs, adjectival or adverbial clauses


IEW Writing – Unit 8- Formal Essay Models


  • Use paper from Lesson 17-19 (Benjamin Franklin & Wright Brothers
  • Essay is expressing opinion and a report (facts)






By MJ, February 26, 2018
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