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Classical Conversations – Week 18 – Lesson Plan

  • February 26, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations – Week 18 – Lesson Plan

Week 18



Complex Structure:


-Adjectival: who/which






  • Both follow a Direct Object (DO)
  • Both are Object Complements
  • Both relate back to the DO


OCN: is a Noun and can replace/rename the DO

OCA: is an Adjective and describes the DO


Imperative Purpose = gives a command

Implied “You”


Convert to Imperative:


They call me Mrs. Jeffers              Call me Mrs. Jeffers.

The ruler did judge him guilty.              Judge him guilty.

We decided to call the bunny fluffy.                 Call the bunny fluffy.


Convert to Complex – Imperative:


Call me Mrs. Jeffers when you speak.

Unless you are sad, judge him guilty.


Call the bunny fluffy which is my favorite name.


Perform ATS 1-6 and Quid et Quo in class for the following sentence:

Paint the house, which is ugly, white.

Quid et Quo only Nouns and Adjectives in class.



(limited amount of verbs can be used for the S-Vt-DO-OCN and S-Vt-DO-OCA = make, call, judge, choose, elect, nominate, name, paint)


These Pretzels are making me thirsty! note: “are” = Vh

The Pencils are making the rabbit angry.

The child painted his shirt blue.

She called him lazy.

I bought the ball cheap.

Creed thought the song melodious.

S-Vt-DO-OCA w/ prepositional phrases


The tale about the raven made me scared.

The child outside the room called the pirate stinky.

Within the forest, she called him crazy.

Underneath the bridge, I bought the ball cheap.

Creed thought the song from Germany melodious.

By MJ, February 26, 2018
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