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Classical Conversations – Week 17 – Lesson Plan

  • February 5, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations – Week 17 – Lesson Plan

Week 17 

Adjectives – modify a noun or pronoun by describing, qualifying, or limiting (AJ)

  • Answers the questions: (Chart L)
  • Descriptive: What kind?
  • Possessive: Whose?
  • Limiting: How many? Which?
  • article adjectives “a, an, the”


Old farmer John painted some parts of his barn bright purple, although he was color blind and though it was red.


Find the adjectives in the sentence and label.

  • Note that Adjectives cannot modify Adjectives
  • Adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. (Bright = adverb because it modifies purple)
  • Example of adverb modifying an adjective
    • “Creed is very tall” (S-Vl-PA) and “very” is an adverb that modifies the PA “tall
      • —–answers adverb question to what extent?
    • “The race finished too quickly” (S-Vi) and “too” modifies “quickly”
      • —–answers adverb question to what extent?

Answer question on the Quid et Quo for all the labeled Adjectives


  • old: descriptive, positive
  • positive = old, comparative = older, superlative=oldest
  • farmer: descriptive, noun acting as an adjective
    • tells us “what kind” of person he is
  • some: limiting, indefinite pronoun acting as an adjective
  • tells us “how many”
  • his: possessive, possessive pronoun acting as an adjective
  • Tells us “whose”
    • “This is my
    • “Those are your
    • “That is her
  • Used with nouns and do the work of an Adjective
  • purple: descriptive, positive
  • color blind: descriptive positive
  • red: descriptive positive





Remember from Week 9 & Week 10 (S-Vl-PN & S-Vl-PA)


PN=Predicate Noun                    PA=Predicate Adjective


Both PN & PA relate to the SUBJECT of the sentence.

  • PN = can replace the subject or is equal to it.
  • PA = describes the subject.


New sentence pattern: S-Vt-DO-OCA   LAST SENTENCE PATTERN!!!!!!!!!!!


Week 16 = S-Vt-DO-OCN introduced Object Complements

OCN= Object Complement Noun


Week 17 = S-Vt-DO-OCA

OCA= Object Complement Adjective


Object Complements OCN & OCA relate to the Direct Object (DO) of the sentence.

  • OCN= can replace the DO or is equal to it
  • OCA= describes the DO


Reuben called the pirate stinky.


  • Reuben didn’t call the “pirate”
  • Reuben didn’t call the “stinky”
  • Reuben called the “pirate stinky” = called = Reuben describing the pirate = OCA (adjective)
  • Both the DO and the OCA are needed to make the sentence complete (complete thought)

Chloe considered herself American.


  • Chloe didn’t consider “herself”
  • Chloe didn’t consider “American”
  • Chloe considered “herself American”


Label Parts of Speech, and perform ATS 1-6

Diagram “Chloe considered herself American.”


Who/What is sentence about? Chloe

Chloe did what? Considered

Chloe considered who/what? Herself

Does adjective describe and follow the DO? Yes = OCA

If we have time make a note that we could change this to an S-Vt-DO-OCN if we added an article. E.g. “Chloe considered herself an American”. Articles come before nouns.




Review Charts: L, M, N

Practice Sentences (pg 277) perform ATS #1-6 for each sentence use the Quid et Quo to parse the adjectives.



IEW (Unit 7 Inventive Writing)


Follow along in your SRP pg 51


Write a Conclusion:

  • Restate the topics (A & B)
  • Comment on which topic is the most important and why.
  • Add some style to your conclusion!! Last sentence reflects the Intro attention getter = stylish

Write Intro:

  • Attention getter (pg 138)
  • Background info, time, place, etc. Misc info that didn’t go into your topic paragraphs.
  • State your 2 topics (no clincher).

Title: reflects 2-3 keywords from Conclusions.

IEW Homework


Finish paper on “Hopes & Dreams”


Vocabulary: Revel, Jaunty, Encounter, Lure

By MJ, February 5, 2018
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  • Brandi Vaidya
    February 12, 2018

    Thanks SO much for these!!! This helps me understand the material MUCH easier! We pulled our daughter out “OFFICIALLY” last week but have been attending CC for past 4 weeks prior. Was it our best move? Don’t know yet, but any week we have without a headache is a win in our book!

    • admin
      February 12, 2018

      Thank you so much!! I’m SO glad to hear that my weekly lesson plans are helping someone. I wasn’t sure anyone was following along, so thank you for commenting. I completely understand that you have to do what is right for your family and your student.

      • Brandi Vaidya
        February 18, 2018

        I do know sometimes it seems no one reads them because no one responds, but don’t ever let that discourage you! You NEVER know if it’s a silent reader or someone JUST Picking up CC and needing to have that extra hand to help them understand the material (like us!)! I look every week before we head to CC on Monday to see if I can get a head start and “TRY” to understand before the tutor goes over it lol.

        Thanks again!

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