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Classical Conversations | Week 11 Essentials Lesson Plan

  • November 18, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations | Week 11 Essentials Lesson Plan

Week 11


S-Vi = no transfer of action


“She loudly announced the news.”     Announced = action verb

S-Vt-DO = Noun = verb transfers action to the DO Noun

Vt =action verb

“Kim is a queen.”

S-Vl-PN= Noun = renames subject

Vl= passive verb (NOT action)

“Kim looked pretty in her new dress.”         Looked = 5 sense word. In=prep phrase

S-Vl-PA = Adjective = what kind, how many, which, whose

Vl=passive verb (NOT action)

  • can be 5 sense words (look, sound, smell, feel, taste)


Quiz:  Fill in the blanks

“Chris joined ___ ____club.”


“Little Women is a classic movie.”  NOTE: diagram with quotations around book name.


Find the prepositions

“She sat between her friends on the bus to school.”

“He ran up the stairs of the bank.”


“The big baby ran toward an ugly tree.”


Second/Third Year Volunteers

S-Vl-PA             “ Margot is…”


S-Vl-PN           “Margot is…”

S-Vt-DO          “Margot …”


Third year volunteer:

complete the diagram

By MJ, November 18, 2018
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