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Classical Conversations | Week 10 Essentials Lesson Plan

  • November 18, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations | Week 10 Essentials Lesson Plan

Week 10

Structure: Compound

Purpose: Declarative

Pattern: S-Vl-PA

Part of Speech: Adjectives

Charts: L (review C,D,G,K)

EEL Tasks: 1-4




Chart C, D, G, K


Prepositional phrases

  • Adverbial
  • Adjectival


Play preposition game: I’m going on a hike…..   “in the woods”

-“in the woods” answers an adverb question = “where?”

– “in the woods” is an adverbial prepositional phrase

  • Have each student add a prepositional phrase and repeat from the beginning




Adjective (AJ) = modifies a noun or pronoun by describing, qualifying, or limiting.


Answers the questions = What kind? How many? Which? Whose?


Predicate Adjective (PA) = follows a linking verb and describes the subject.

  • Different than predicate nominative (PN) which RENAMESthe subject.


Chart L


  • Questions (what kind? How many? Which? Whose?)
  • One-Word Adjectives
  • Descriptive
  • Possessive
  • Limiting
  • Phrase
  • Clause


Review Linking Verbs (Chart C)

  • The rose is
  • The rose smells
  • The rose became
  • The rose feels


Be careful!! Some linking verbs can double as action verbs

  • The rose smells (Linking Verb = smells)
  • She smellsthe rose. (smells = action verb)


Pattern: S-Vl-PA

  • Adjectives that are NOT part of the sentence pattern are diagrammed below the words they modify on a slanted line.
  • Consecutive adjectives get diagrammed on separate slanted lines.


Is the word after the verb a

  • Direct object? Noun (Who? Or What?)
  • Predicate nominative? Can replace the subject
  • Predicate adjective ? Describes the subject


Jesus is holy.


The old milk smelled spoiled.

The old cat looks happy, but she is nervous.

By MJ, November 18, 2018
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