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Classical Conversations Essentials – Week 16 – Lesson Plan

  • January 29, 2018
  • By MJ
Classical Conversations Essentials – Week 16 – Lesson Plan

Week 16


Quid et Quo

What is the word “Apology” – A Concrete or Abstract Noun?? We can experience it with our 5 senses (hearing or sight) so it is Concrete.


“Will your son cut up some firewood when we visit today?”


Question Confirmation:

  • IMPORTANT to talk about “Your” and why/what it is.
  • Your = Personal Pronoun Adjective (AJ)

Is there a dependent clause? (when we visit today)

Is there an independent clause? (will your son cut up some firewood)

Work through ATS #1-5




Object Complement Noun (OCN) = follows the DO and renames what the DO has become, due to the action of the verb.

  • Not a very common sentence pattern
  • Limited amount of verbs can make OCN (e.g. verbs = make, call, judge, choose, elect, nominate, name, paint)
  • OCN renames the DO     OCN=DO   OCN is DO

“The class named Jake ruler.”

Jake = ruler

Jake is ruler


Work through ATS #1-5


“Your friend called me “silly” when he visited yesterday. “


  • Work through Nouns & Pronouns on Quid et Quo in class.
  • ATS #1-6
  • Nouns:
  1. friend: Type-common, concrete Number-singular Gender-masculine
  2. Rascal: Type-proper, concrete Number-singular Gender-neuter
  • Pronouns:
  1. Your: Type- possessive Number-singular             Case-Possessive                Gender-Masculine

Grammar Homework:


Review Charts; E, F, N

Practice Sentences (pg 263) ATS #1-6 for each sentence.



IEW (Unit 7 Inventive Writing)


Review: Read Papers


#5 Clausal Opener (

“While we waited, my sister ran to the store.”


Lesson 20: Hopes and Dreams


  • Organize your thoughts using a KWO
  • Ask yourself
  • What (5 senses. Feel, see, hear, taste, smell)
  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How
  • Best/worst
  • Problems
  • Value
  • Meaning


  • Each Paragraph has 5 details, 5 Ws, and 5 senses.


What are possible topics? We need 2 topics that correlate to “Hopes and Dreams” (Be an Essentials Tutor, Homeschool my children, etc..)


Discuss details (make a list) on each topic to Key Word from.


Homework: Write 2 paragraphs about your Hopes and Dreams. We will develop the Intro and Conclusion next week. Pick 2 topics on your Hopes and Dreams for now and use 1 topic per paragraph.

By MJ, January 29, 2018
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